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The Iron Gronckle is the second episode of Dragons: Defenders of Berk and the twenty second episode of the DreamWorks Dragons television series. It was first aired on Cartoon Network September 26, 2013. The plot focuses mainly on Meatlug and Fishlegs as terrible trouble arises when Meatlug eats magnetic rocks and produces Gronckle Iron. It is preceded by Live and Let Fly and is succeeded by The Night and the Fury.


The Riders are revealed to be chasing an Outcast ship who somehow have outran them, and Hiccup asks how, Snotlout mocks Fishlegs that's his the reason and his dragon for being too slow, Fishlegs harshly accepts Snotlout's point. Fishlegs tell them to continue their search while they circle around to patrol the cliffs and the surrounding islands. Fishlegs sadly heads off. Down at the standing rock to where they all rallied, the Outcast Ship is seen hiding there and Salvage is actually leading them as they quietly set sail.

Fishlegs and Meatlug are stationed for a while to their feeding spot, and they are depressed after hearing what Snotlout said. In order to cheer them up, Fishlegs and Meatlug quickly dig in, as Meatlug quickly eats dozens of random rocks and Fishlegs rapidly eats berries and goes faster and faster until hours later both of them don't feel well especially Meatlug, they head to Gobber's workshop and seek help to figure out what's wrong with Meatlug. Fishlegs explains that Meatlug hasn't spew lava for a long time now and is still unable to do so. In order for her to spew lava, Gobber tickles her stomach with a feather and in seconds Meatlug suddenly vomits lava all over the floor forcing the two to stand in higher ground. Fishlegs is suspicious that Meatlug never spews that much lava and the lava forms with a different color.

Meanwhile, Salvage and some Outcasts go check on the secret cavern where the Whispering Death eggs were planted, as soon as they check all the eggs have been broken and dozens of Whispering Death babies are seen flying around and creating tunnels. However, one Outcasts spots an unnatural size Whispering Death egg that started bigger than the other egg, Salvage has never seen that size before and above them sees a huge tunnel never seen before, suddenly a large roar is heard and Salvage and the Outcasts chooses to walk away and leave it alone. 

Back on Berk, The Riders failed to find the Outcast ship, suddenly Gobber arrives to tell Fishlegs that the lava Meatlug spew earlier on made it out to a sword because he was tired of waiting it to cool, Gobber calls the material Gronckle Iron and the sword made of Gronckle Iron is incredibly lighter but is incredibly impenetrable for example Gobber uses it to break Snotlout's sword in an instant. The Riders are amazed and wanted their weapons, helmets, and other things to be made out of Gronckle Iron. Hiccup also wants his shield to be made out of Gronckle Iron. As soon as the news breaks out of this new material, the entire village lines up and wants their things to be made out of Gronckle Iron too. 

At Gobber's workshop, Fishlegs gladly helps Gobber makes things out of Gronckle Iron by making Meatlug spew as much Gronckle lava as possible. The town now appreciates Meatlug and Fishlegs more than ever for the first time in their lives, keeping them supplied with things made out of Gronckle Iron. Meanwhile, Hiccup finally completes his upgraded shield and asks Fishlegs what kind of rocks did Meatlug ate, but Fishlegs keeps it a secret and doesn't reveal it to anyone including Gobber and Hicccup. Astrid informs Hiccup that another Outcast ship is spotted and request that they leave immediately, Fishlegs stays behind and tells Hiccup to go on. But Meatlug has ran out of lava to spew and the town is getting worried and slowly impatient as no Gronckle lava is seen spewing out, with little time before a riot starts, Fishlegs has no choice but to let Gobber come with them to pick up the exact rocks Meatlug ate earlier. But Fishlegs reveals that he has no idea what rocks did Meatlug ate after eating so much in a frenzy. Gobber suggest they pick up as many random rocks in the area as possible and try it one at a time with Meatlug and is sure that Meatlug will spew the perfect lava later on. 

At the Academy, the Riders failed and wasted time to find the Outcast ship again and beginning to suggests that they need Fishlegs and Meatlug because every Rider has a role and begin to feel sorry for mocking them for they're speed. But Snotlout blames Hiccup for letting Fishlegs go, Hiccup thinks he is the reason why Fishlegs is not here and heads out to find him. 

Back at the Workshop, Gobber and Fishlegs feed Meatlug with each kinds of rocks but all attempts have failed, either the lava spewed out is weak and overheats herself. The Riders arrive and tries to call him, but as soon as they do, the town rages on against Fishlegs and sooner or later Fishlegs is in deep trouble. Fishlegs come up with an idea, by feeding Meatlug each type of rocks at the same time, they wait for something to happen. suddenly every metal object is flying towards Meatlug, revealing that the combination of rocks he ate has made his skin attractive to metal or for short his skin has become magnetic. Bigger metal objects start flying toward her, and she begins to panic and runs for her life. As soon as she runs through town, metal objects begin following her. Hiccup and Toothless shoots away all the metal weapons following her. Snotlout and Hookfang fails to stop her, as Fishlegs tells Hookfang to heel. Meatlug runs deeper through the forest. While Hiccup and Toothless follows her overhead.

Meatlug finally hits a dead end cliff, Hiccup finally reaches her and tries to calm her down and hold her still, Meatlug slowly backs away. But Fishlegs arrives to warn Hiccup (who wouldn't listen for a moment) that he doesn't realize his metal leg is attach to him, and gets drag when he gets in range of the magnetic attraction.

Meatlug panics and unintentionally takes Hiccup with her and flees without no idea of where they'll go, Meatlug and Hiccup are now far out to sea, and Fishlegs has no choice but to ride Toothless but he has never ride and flown in a fast dragon. The two have trouble flying, as Fishlegs is scared of Toothless being too fast. But Fishlegs manages to face his fear and is able to ride Toothless perfectly by using some maneuver tactics. Fishlegs already reaches Hiccup and awkwardly greet each other, Hiccup apologizes Fishlegs for leaving him earlier that day, but Fishlegs tell him to keep quiet in order for him to concentrate. Suddenly the two spot an Outcast ship dead in their sites and prepares to fire on them. Hiccup tells Meatlug to dive and head straight pass near the ship, the moment Salvage orders the Outcasts to fire, the ship tumbles and their weapons timber and floats toward Meatlug. However though, the metal objects following them, mostly weapons, are about to hit Hiccup and Meatlug, with little time to spare, Fishlegs tickles Meatlug's stomach with the feather and barfs out the magnetic rocks she ate. The metal objects fall, including Hiccup, who falls incorrectly on Toothless. Meanwhile, Salvage brags that it's not over but gets interrupted when the heavy metal objects fall on their ship busting a hole and eventually sinking their ship.

The two happily head back to Berk. Fishlegs quits helping Gobber make more Gronckle Iron as he furthers his responsibilities to the Academy, Gobber understands and gives him the first sword he made for himself and the first and last one to be made of Gronckle Iron. Gobber states that he gave his sword to Fishlegs after he destroyed the Outcast Ship earlier on, Gobber also gives Meatlug a pair of earrings for her bravery too. Hiccup and Toothless arrives and informs Fishlegs that they need them, Fishlegs and Meatlug are happy hearing that they actually needed them for the first time. The Riders are seen flying altogether and finally bonds as a team.


The transcript for this episode is here


  • This is the second episode in a row that there has been no narration.
  • This is the first episode that the Outcasts appear without Alvin.
  • One of the Viking's name is Gunnar. This is the same name for those who had Astrid, and chose boy, on the Viking Personality Test that was on the Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon DVD.
  • Hiccup's new shield is completed.
  • This episode is loosely based off How to Break a Dragon's Heart, when Toothless ate Stoick's "magic" stone and would stick to metal objects.
  • Stoick did not appear in this episode. This is the first time he didn't appear in the series.
  • This is the second time Meatlug unintentionally kidnaps Hiccup. The first one was in Gift of the Night Fury.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Fishlegs has Binge Eating Disorder (eats when depressed).
  • The exact forumula behind Gronckle Iron is never discovered. It is most likely a form of steel, which would explain its properties relative to the iron commonly used by the vikings.
  • Although it is discarded as worthless due to not being Gronckle Iron, glass is also discovered.


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