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The Supper's Song is sung by the supper the the Green Death ate, who also happened to be another Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus. The song is not heard in full length (instead the song is written down in the book after someone takes a pause to listen to it), so it is slightly notable that the 2nd verse and 3rd verse are not the same, hinting that had we heard all of the song, those parts might have been the chorus. The Green Death also has a verse in the epilogue.


When First Meeting the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus

Watch me, Great Destroyer,
As I settle down to lunch,

Killer whales are tasty 'cose they've
Got a lot of crunch.

Great white sharks are scrumptious,
But here's a little tip:

Those teeny weeny pointy teeth can
Give a nasty nip...

After the Dragon Gestures to his Stomach

Humans can be bland,
But if you have some salt to hand,
Little bit of brine,
Will make them tasty div-i-i-i-ne...

While Hiccup is Inside the Dragon's Throat

Humans can be bland,
But if you have some salt to hand,
A little bit of brine,
Will make them tasty div-i-i-i-ne...

After the Dragon is Dead

I tell the mighty Big Blue Whale
His life is over soon,
With one swish of this armoured tail,
I put out the sun and moon...

The winds and gales quivering,
When I begin to roar,
The waves themselves are shivering,
And trembling back to shore...

In the Epilogue

Once I set the sea alight
With a single fiery breath....
Once I was so mighty that I thought
My name was Death...

Sing out loud until you're eaten,
Song of melancholy blisss,
For the mighty and the middling
All shall come to THIS...

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