The Thornridge is a large Sharp Class dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

These Dragons are the silent but strong type. They're more comfortable in the background, but are always ready to swoop in when someone or something they care about needs help.
As in life, the Thornridge prefers to stay back and fight from the shadows. It will only go to the front lines if it senses a comrade in danger.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


The Thornridge was created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto different dragons. It was created from the same base that was used for the Hobblegrunt, Windstriker, Raincutter, Threadtail and a few other unknown dragons.

Physical Appearance


Thornridge Egg

Thornridge eggs look like an upside down triangle as it has a smaller base and a wider top. They have rows of fins that run down vertically. The fins closer to the top tend to be larger than those closer to the bottom. The egg looks very similar to a Singetail's, although they don't really share any further features.

Hatchling to Adult

Thornridges are a long and slender dragon with short limbs and big wings. They have long tails and long necks. They have a twin nose horn that makes a "V" shape, and a solid crest with spiral horns. They have a pair of big eyes at the front of the skull. They come in all sorts of colors with blotchy markings.

Titan Wing

Thornridge Titan - FB

Titan Thornridges are light green in color and their wings are an even lighter green with dark green spots. Their frills are larger and the spines that run along their back are longer, sharper, and purple in color.



Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 5.08.47 PM

Thornridges breathe thick streams of yellow or green fire. They can also hold fire in their mouths to illuminate dark places.

Behavior and Personality

The Thornridge is an incredibly shy and quiet dragon, preferring to remain in the background. This dragon hates getting involved with activities and fights, but will readily help if it means saving its home and friends.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Dragon 9.1

These dragons were seen in abundance in Valka's Mountain, one of which greeted Hiccup and Toothless when they arrived. They later fought in the battle against Drago's Army. A Thornridge was caught in a dragon trap, but was fortunately freed by the Dragon Riders. After Drago's Bewilderbeast defeated Valka's, all the Thornridges bowed to their new Alpha. After they were freed by Toothless from the Bewilderbeast's control, they fought against the giant dragon. In the aftermath, they bowed to Toothless, acknowledging him as their new Alpha.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Thornridge's name was first revealed in this game, despite being seen first in How to Train Your Dragon 2. The game also introduced its Titan form and the individuals Thornshade and the Primal Thornridge.



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