Thuggory is a member of the Meathead Tribe, son of the chief, Mogadon. His dragon is a Monstrous Nightmare named "Killer". Thuggory appears in the first book and is later mentioned on fifth one, chatting with his father and Madguts the Murderous before The Thing.


How to Train Your Dragon (series)

How to Train Your Dragon

Thuggory is among the Meathead Tribe boys who came to Berk to take part in the rite of passage. Thuggory, along with all the other trainees, were banished when they failed to control their dragons. Thuggory is the only one to defend Hiccup when Snotlout blames him for their banishment. Thuggory is also the first to go along with Hiccup's plan to deal with the Green Death, admonishing Snotlout for not even bothering to listen. Thuggory later attends Toothless' "funeral", when it appears he has died fighting the Green Death, only to witnesses Toothless' revival.

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

He joined the other Warriors-in-Training against the first strike of the Red Rage. After it was over, he was telling the others that Hiccup was surprising cool.

How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

Thuggory appeared near the end as the first to accept Valhallarama's new law that the Slavemark be changed to the Dragonmark, as a sign to those who chose Hiccup as the King of the Wilderwest.

Physical Appearance