Thump is a female Raincutter who had her left wing sliced by razor-nets made by Drago Bludvist and his trappers. She was then rescued by Valka and Cloudjumper, who cared for her in Dragon Mountain, along with Gruff and Lump.

Official Description

"This Raincutter had her wing sliced by a trapper's razor netting. She is forever grateful to Valka for rescuing her, often bringing her slimy worm and grub snacks as gifts!"
Dragons: Rise of Berk

Physical Appearance

Thump looks like many other Raincutters and she possesses a sail-like frill on her neck. She is pale green in color while her wings have red edges and spots. Her left wing, however, is sliced off.


Thump appears to have a very sweet personality. She is grateful to those to help her and is willing to help them back or express her gratitude.


Life in Valka's Sanctuary



After Valka rescued her, Thump was very grateful. They became very close and Thump often gives her slimy worms and grub snacks as gifts to express her gratitude.


  • According to leaked pictures from "Rise of Berk", Thump used to be named 'Rainclaw'. However, it is possible Rainclaw is just another Raincutter or that the "leaked" picture was actually a fake, despite looking exactly like Thump's in game picture.
  • In Rise of Berk, Thump's wing is perfectly fine and she is capable of flight.
    • This is probably to avoid making Thump's animations extremely challenging due to her crippled wing.
  • Thump is the only female dragon with a severe injury.


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