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The Tiddly-Nip Tick-Botherer is a species of Nanodragon and there is not yet known much about them, except the fact that they have yellow skin and a short tail. It might be inferred from their name that Tiddly-Nip Tick Botherers prefer eating ticks. If so, this certainly would be very useful to Vikings and livestock. These particular species of nanodragon can speak Dragonese.


Possible Tick Botherer from Book 12

Tiddly-Nip Tick Botherers, along with other nanodragons, are not seen in the Book series, and are only described in The Complete Book of Dragons. In that book, one pictured on a leaf with small eyes (at right) and another is in a match box with remarkably bigger eyes. One Tick Bother does appear, however,in the final Book, How to Fight a Dragon's Fury (pictured at left).


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