The Tide Glider is a Tidal Class dragon introduced in Dragons: Rise of Berk. It later became available in School of Dragons.

Official Description

"This graceful Tidal class drifter doesn't "swim" through the water, it dances! Its saliva is said to have healing qualities... but it is too skittish for anyone to find out.
The Tide Glider coasts along the waves peacefully, until it spots an enemy in the distance and shoots an acid ball to clear a path!
Dragons: Rise of Berk
"What seemed like the perfect chopping day quickly turned sour when Gobber tripped over a tree stump in the Wilderness. Thankfully, he only had a few scratches, but definitely needed something to heal them fast.
Even though Gobber quickly got his scratches all covered up, we all had the same thought...wouldn’t it be great to have a dragon that can instantly heal wounds? Hiccup informed us all that a dragon with mystical healing powers does exist and it goes by the name of the TIDE GLIDER!
This Tidal Class dragon has the ability to heal anything with its saliva. Sounds disgusting but wouldn’t you rather have a wound healed with saliva then ache with pain for a few days?
Don’t miss out on having your own personal wound healer by picking up a Tide Glider egg today!

Physical Appearance

  • Titan Wing


They have a blue core and what seems to be a translucent blue shell that surrounds the core. There are specks of white in the egg.

Hatchling to Adult

The Tide Glider is light, faded blue in color. It has two coral shaped horns and a relatively long snout. It has three small fins set on its long neck. Its wings have wavy white patterns all over and it has a large tail fin. Instead of legs, the Tide Glider has two front flippers. In Dragons: Rise of Berk, this is a very thin-bodied dragon. In School of Dragons, it has a rounder belly and also possesses two hind limbs.

Titan Wing

The main difference in adult and titan Tide Gliders is their color. A titan Tide Glider has a darker, more vibrant shade of blue and pink wing edges that have swirly patterns. They have more frills on their crown and a larger tail fin. Apart from that, they are rather similar to adult Tide Gliders.


Spraying Water

In School of Dragons, the Tide Glider sprays water to attack its opponents. However, it is unknown if it can change the temperature of the water it fires depending on the opponent. Bubbles also form as the water is fired.


The Tide Glider is able to shoot acid at its opponents, serving as a useful attack and defense.

Healing Properties

Its saliva is said to be able to heal people, making it similar to the Scauldron's venom, which can be used as an antidote for dragons that are poisoned by the Blue Oleander, or the Buffalord's saliva, which, when combined with its diet of grass, is the only known cure for the legendary Viking disease, the Scourge of Odin. This ability allows it to heal other animals, dragons and humans. Its saliva might also be in its water blast, which can be used to heal wounds by spraying them.


Tide Gliders can be inferred to be very agile and graceful as they are described to 'dance' through water instead of swimming. 

Behavior and Personality

Described to be 'skittish', this dragon is excitable and unpredictable. Also, this dragon is said to be peaceful, calm and graceful, in terms of motion and temperament. However, some Tide Gliders are very territorial and will spit acid at anyone, as in the case of Mistmenace.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Tide Glider is the first original dragon from Rise of Berk. The game also introduced its Titan Wing form, exotic form and the battle Tide Glider.

School of Dragons

The Tide Glider also appeared in School of Dragons.


  • The Tide Glider bears a strong resemblance to the weedy sea-dragon.
  • While the Tide Glider has hind legs in School of Dragons, it lacks them in Rise of Berk. In School of Dragons, all dragons walk around on land, and any animal needs legs to walk, which might explain the difference.
  • The Tide Glider was the first dragon to be released in School of Dragons in 2015.
  • The Tide Glider is one of the few dragons that have physical characteristics resembling dragons in Eastern lore, as its head is more similar to those of Asian dragons than those of their European cousins.


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