Titan Island was introduced in the game, School of Dragons, in April 2016 and is open to all players. Players can age up their dragons here to Titan Wing Stage with 50 Runes gathered in the game.


Titan Island has a bit of a mix of climates. It is a volcanic island with a single volcanic cone and magma in its interior. Outside, it is covered with snow and surrounded by ice. However, the player can go into the volcano and find a small vegetated area with water flowing from the rocks. In this area, there is a platform, fire braziers, and a logo.



School of Dragons

This island is exclusive to the game, and not seen anywhere else. It was created to accompany the introduction of Titan Wing stages for dragons. In order to work with game mechanics, set-up, and structure, the player must have collected at least 50 Runes in order to "titanize" their dragon. The player then goes to Titan Island to the platform area, and the dragon mysteriously grows into a titan.


  • The How to Train Your Dragon Franchise does not use Magic in the series, but rather science and engineering (excluding superstitions characters may have). The Rune system in School of Dragons seems rather "magical", but presumably this was to work within the game mechanics and money system.
  • Valka's Sanctuary is the Dragons: Rise of Berk counter-part to this island as players can upgrade their dragons to the titan stage on that island.



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