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Toothless Daydream

The toothless daydream collector's card.

The Toothless Daydream is a dragon species that Fishlegs makes up as an excuse to get Hiccup out of trouble in "How to Train Your Dragon". Fishlegs says that you can point out a Toothless Daydream by the wart on its nose and that they are of royal blood. Toothless struts about bragging that he is a Toothless Daydream and a special dragon through out the entire book series.

Traits and Abilities

Apparently Toothless starts off small but will grow gigantic with time, which is a coincidence because Toothless later turns out to be a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus. In the Book series, he is also assumed to be a Common or Garden Dragon, of very small size. His hide is bright green, and, as the name suggests, toothless.


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