You know what this means, big burn mark . . . Big Typhoomerang! [src]
  Fishlegs and Hiccup after seeing the burn mark that Torch's mother made.  

Torch's Mother is a fully grown female Typhoomerang, who appeared in the fourth episode of DreamWorks Dragons: The Series. She is red in color and has three babies of her own—blue, yellow and orange Typhoomerangs, the orange one being Torch and the blue and yellow ones being his brother and sister. Torch's mother is very protective of her children, and she will form a circle of fire around anything that could mean them any harm. As she is a Typhoomerang, she can fly at high speeds, near those of a Night Fury.


Torch Gone

In "The Terrible Twos", Torch was found by Hiccup in the forest, and he decides to take him home, seeing that Torch was hurt. However, when Torch's mother finds him gone, she goes on a rampage, and she makes desperate efforts to find him in the forest. It was Toothless who heard her enraged and panicking cries. Toothless tries to warn about this to Hiccup, afraid that Torch's mother might attack the village, but with no avail. 

Much later, Hiccup and the gang discover a large portion of the forest destroyed, and they conclude that it was caused by a large Typhoomerang. Hiccup suddenly realizes that it must have been caused by Torch's mother, and he realizes what Toothless tried to warn him about. Torch's mother suddenly shows up, and gives chase after Hiccup and Toothless. After they trick her into crash landing, Torch is reunited with his mother and his two siblings. The family of Typhoomerangs soon take off and leave Berk.



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