Torch's siblings are Typhoomerangs that are triplet children of Torch's Mother. They first appeared in "The Terrible Twos".


Losing Torch

In "The Terrible Twos", Torch's Siblings were attacked by a wild boar, but Torch's Mother defends them. Later at the end of the same episode, they, as well as Torch's Mother, are reunited with Torch. Afterwards all three babies hop on Torch's Mother and fly off.

Physical Appearance and Personality

More information about Torch's Siblings were revealed in the game Rise of Berk. Both of them have grown up in the game, just like their brother, Torch.

The blue Typhoomerang, Torch's Sister, is female and the oldest of the three. Also, unlike her brothers, she is more serious.

Torch's brother, the yellow one, is male and youngest of the three. He looks up to Torch.


  • It is possible that Torch, his siblings and his mother still live together, due to the fact that Torch left after hearing a distant Typhoomerang call in "Zippleback Down".
  • In "The Eel Effect", the Typhoomerang that chased Fishlegs and Toothless had the same coloring as Torch's Sister and could possibly be her.

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