The Toxic Nightshade is a small nocturnal Bog Dragon mentioned in A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons. They remained unaligned during the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

These small dragons are bright yellow in color as a testament to their toxicity. They also make a clicking or ticking noise as a auditory warning that they are poisonous. Just this warning sound can send some dragons scurrying away in alarm, such as the Flying Gator.

There is some contradictory information as to how one might subdue a Toxic Nightshade. In A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons, blowing in their eyes will do the trick. In The Incomplete Book of Dragons, tickling them behind the ears will put them in a trance. To note, the picture of the Toxic Nightshade does not show ears, or at least ear pinna (flaps).




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