Twintuition is the tenth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4. It was released on February 17, 2017. The name of episode was first revealed in the Everything Geek Podcast Interview with Douglas Sloan and Art Brown.


When the Twins journey to the Northern Markets to fix their prized mace, they end up stumbling onto a secret project by Viggo and the Dragon Hunters. [1]


Tuffnut breaks his beloved mace trying to break the Hunters's Dragon chains, and the twins go to the Hunter-swarmed Northern Markets to replace it. Using their 'twintuition,' the twins follow the repaired and stolen Macey to find a hidden hunter operation called 'Project Shellfire.' Tuffnut, who deeply cares for his mace, tries to take it back on his own, while Ruffnut is captured by Viggo and Ryker to be used as bait for a trap for the others. Tuffnut learns to put the needs of the team before his own and saves the others by sacrificing his Macey and freeing the others. The twins hold a funeral for Macey back on the Edge, where Tuffnut reveals stolen schematics that leave the riders worried for what 'Project Shellfire' entails.






  • Tuff gives Ruff the "tongue flick", which the twins introduced back in Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.
  • Project Shellfire is revealed for the first time.
  • Macey is destroyed and the twins give her a Viking funeral.
  • When Ruff takes off the Hunter helmet to talk to Tuff, her small side braids are gone. They're still gone when Ryker figures out who she is and takes her helmet off. But suddenly when she's in Viggo's quartets, the braids are back.