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This page contains dragon species that are, as of yet, unidentified. These dragons come from many different sources, from concept art to dragons that aren't named in the films. These dragons are all listed below.

Concept Art Dragons

Many concept art dragons that were made for How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2 can't be connected to any of the dragons that appear in the movie. These dragons have never been seen outside of these pieces of concept art (so far).

Dragons from Hiccup's map

During his travels, Hiccup has found many dragons. He has recorded the location of these dragons in his map. In the poster that comes with Guide to the Dragons a lot of new dragon species can be found. Some of these dragons were previously seen in concept art for the movies.

Dragon 1

  • This dragon is based on Cloudjumper's concept art

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

  • This dragon's name was revealed in the Making of How to Train Your Dragon 2 [1].

Dragon 4

Dragon 5

  • This dragon may be a Songwing, the dragon that inspired the Death Song.

Dragon 6

Other dragons

Dragons from Fishlegs cards

Fishlegs is a big fan of dragons and as such he has crafted a set of cards that he carries with him all the time. These cards show information about all the dragon species he knows about. In How to Train Your Dragon 2 an unknown dragon species can be seen during a brief moment when Fishlegs is reading his cards. According to the symbol on the back of the card, this dragon is a Mystery Class dragon, but nothing else is known about it. Although it looks similar to a Timberjack and its name could be read as Timberjack too.

Yet to be named dragon species

Modular dragons

Apart from the Bewilderbeast, Stormcutter, Rumblehorn, Hotburple, Scuttleclaw, Seashocker, Hobblegrunt, Snafflefang, Raincutter, Thunderclaw, Windstriker, Thornridge, Snifflehunch, Shovelhelm, Threadtail, and the Windgnasher, 4 other unnamed dragon species have been seen in How to Train Your Dragon 2. These dragons were created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto 2 basic models. There is a dragon species name that surfaced as leaked info. This name was copyrighted prior to the release of the movie:

  • Cloudcutter

Dragon 1

  • A bipedal version of Dragon 1 also appears to be the basis for the HTTYD Toy set "Toothless & Hiccup Vs. Armored Dragon Figures". Visit Amazon to view a purple version and a light green version.

Dragon 2

Dragon 3

Dragon 4


From Burning Midnight

This dragon was seen in the free comic released on May 7, 2016. It is a six legged wingless dragon that appears to use webs to trap other dragons. It is seen climbing walls. It resembles a chameleon but with four eyes.

From The Serpent's Heir

The back of this dragon was seen in The Serpent's Heir. It's a member of the Tidal Class, but nothing else is known about it.

From Book of Dragons

Three unknown dragons are seen during a scene in the short film Book of Dragons.

Dragon 1

This dragon is very large and is entirely grey. It has several bumps on its back that look somewhat like plant buds. It seems to have two frills on either side of its head. This dragon has many eyes. Some are on its head, while others are on its two frills. This dragon's horns appear to have leaves on them. Its body seems to have a fur-like covering. Its neck and tail seem to have some kind of vine hanging down from them. This dragon has enormous wings. Its wings appear to be old and haggard, as several rips can be seen all along the wing's length.

Dragon 2

This dragon is mostly bluish in color and has a rotund body. It has two, long, thin, blue wings. This dragon has a wide mouth filled with many teeth. The teeth go all around this dragon's mouth. This dragon has what appears to be moss growing up its back. This moss grows from its neck to the start of its tail. This dragon also seems to have little plants growing off of the moss. This dragon has four, short legs and a long tail.

Dragon 3

This dragon is very long. It appears to be brown or white in color and has a very long snout. Its body and face appear to be covered in spikes. It has two legs with four finger on each, two little wings and a very long tail.


Hiccup's Toy doesn't match the appearance of any known dragon species. It looks like a Night Fury, but with Deadly Nadder horns and frill spikes.

Several unknown dragon skulls are seen in the series. One is placed on the bow of all of the Outcast Tribe's ships. It appears similar to the head of a Moldruffle and may even be of the same species. Strangely, a different skull is seen on the bow of the Outcast ships in Dangers of the Deep and two more are seen on other Outcast ships in The Legend of Ragnarok. Several skulls were seen on The Reaper, with three being inside dragon cages and three more being seen outside the cages. Another skull is briefly seen on the outside of Viggo Grimborn's tent. The final skull is seen inside Viggo's tent. It has the facial bumps and frill of a Windgnasher but has massive horns, a trait which the Windgnasher lacks.

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