the list of rider

Goryak March 18, 2017 User blog:Goryak
pseudo rider dragon species
Berdiss Haldora Triple Sting Triple Stryke
Reptilian player 2000 Tyle Scorch Typhoomerang
TheNerdyDilophosaurus Griffin Tsunami Submarriper
Httyd2rtte Phin Sparky Skrill
Thedutchsniper Gilan II (royal Auraluen Guard) Sharpshot Forest Fury
Nightfury009 Lloyd Scarefreeze Skystreaker
Httyd4ever Harpcord Midnight Altra Fury ?
Hansolo0 Krex Tic Tac Singetail
Skrill-trainer 1 Commander Venom Spark Skrill
Captainamerica04 Ezra Sharpshooter Triple Stryke
Toothlessandstormfly Blue steel Steel bite Triple Stryke
Parisa380 Parisa Firebreath Deadly Nadder
Nightglazer Ash Glazer Night Fury
XTheBlazerX Santorian Thunder Clap Skrill
SnapSnappin Noir Texpin Snaptrapper
Goryak Amaury Spitfire Fireball Frenzy
Timplazasta (DA pseudo) Arvid Northwind


none Gruffnut Earthquake Catastropic Quaken
none Elryk Hofferson Ruthless Razorwhip
none Floki the Mad Dark Flame Hookfang's nemesis
none Freya Kindness Armorwing
none Ragnar Darkvarg Night Terror
none Heingrun Soundwave Thunderdrum
none Helga Big Boss Terrible Terror
none Kira Inferno Drake
none Ryk Svensson Razor Deadly Dawn
none Eryk and Eryn Bang and Boom Hideous Zippelback
none Elza Seafire Shell Fire
none Sigurd Flash Speed Stingers

This is the dragonrider's list ! and we can found the fan fic's link below

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