Valka's Mercy is a Monstrous Nightmare whose death was prevented by Valka. It appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

"When Valka stopped a Viking from killing this Monstrous Nightmare, it was the first time she ever defended a dragon. It has remained by her side ever since."

Physical Appearance

This Monstrous Nightmare is bright pink with a pale tan underbelly and has lighter shades of pink on its wings. There are some light pink spots on its wing and several darker stripes. The Nightmare shows to have the barbels. This will show this Monstrous Nightmare age to be more then 20yrs old.


Valka's Mercy appears to be a kind and grateful dragon. After being saved by Valka, this loyal dragon remained by her side, helping her ever since, just like Gruff, Lump, Winged Warden, Thump and other dragons that Valka had rescued.



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