The Vampire Dragon is a breed of dragon that in some ways resembles a vampire. It often attacks in packs (called vexes, as noted in Statistics) that can reach up to millions at once, creating a blue-blackish cloud that can completely drain, wipe out and exterminate a whole herd of reindeer or a whole group of Vikings.

Super-large, extra thick mosquito nets and closed doors and windows are an effective way of keeping Vampire Dragons off a person. If you're camping, make sure to have extra thick tents.

Vampire Dragons remained unaligned during the Dragon Rebellion.

Traits and Abilities

These nocturnal blood-sucking creatures will attack any large mammal such as reindeer, sheep or even humans. One Vampire alone cannot kill, but an attack by an entire vex is very often fatal. The victim does not wake up during an attack because the Vampire anesthetizes the skin before it bites. Vampire Dragons bite with two elongated front teeth, and are able to drink blood with strong suction. Unlike most dragons, they do not have any particular defenses, though congregating in vexes is a form of group protection. Vampire Dragons have a dark scale color, so when they attack at night, no one could really spot them.

Vampire Dragons have the ability to speak Dragonese.


  • Yellow Vampires are mentioned in How to Speak Dragonese. It's not clear whether they are a different species or the same as this one.