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Whip-Slash is a Monstrous Nightmare that was fighting in the arena along with other dragons until Hiccup and the riders freed them.



In "Stryke Out", Whip-Slash was first seen fighting with Steeltrap when Ryker visited Arena Host.

When Hiccup got captured, Whip-Slash threatened him. Later, Hiccup gave him a fish but the dragon spited it. Then, Hiccup pulled a hook out of his mouth and gave him the fish again. This time the dragon ate the fish.

Later, Whip-Slash and Steeltrap tried to melt the menacle tight from the fighter Razorwhip tail but failed.


Whip-Slash is a yellow-green Monstrous Nightmare with red eyes. His body it's covered in scars.


  • Whip-Slash is the only Monstrous Nightmare with red eyes.
  • Beside its eyes, Whip-Slash looks like Firescrapes.
  • Whip-Slash isn't seen in the last fight but it's presumed that he left the arena along with the other dragons.

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