Whip and Lash is a Hideous Zippleback that is ridden by Bucket and Mulch in Team Astrid.


Becoming an Auxiliary Dragon

Bucket and Mulch received Whip and Lash in "Team Astrid" during their dragon training. They helped in defeating Dagur and the Berserkers when they attacked Dragon's Edge.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

Shell Shocked, Part 1

Return to Dragon Island

Whip and Lash appear in the first quest of the Return to Dragon Island Expansion Pack. They pulled Bucket and Mulch out of the toxic fog after their riders fell ill.

They were in a separate quest pulling Mulch's ship to shore, while Heather was riding them.

Physical Appearance

Whip and Lash are green and blue in color with darker blue barbs on its neck and back. Although it does appear that Whip has a green face where as Lash has a blue face.


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