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Wild boar

The wild boar is an animal that lives in the Barabaric Archipelago in both the books and the franchise that is hunted by Vikings on occasion, and sometimes herded by dragon riders as feral livestock or possibly for easier butchering. It is presumed that, like the Changewings, larger land-based species hunt wild boars as part of their natural diet. They appear in DreamWorks Dragons: The Series and also appear in the How to Train your Dragon game as a food you can hunt to feed to your dragons.

Wild boars can be very aggressive omnivores, and are known to prey upon small and/or vulnerable dragons. As mentioned in an episode in Race to the Edge, they can smell the blood of a wounded dragon and gravitate towards the smell, knowing that the dragon is vulnerable and can serve as food for them.

How to Train Your Dragon (series)

How to Steal a Dragon's Sword

At he beginning of the book, Toothless goes out hunting behind Hiccup's back, and eats the wild boar he hunted. When he flies back to Hiccup, he still has wild boar in his mouth and is chewing it. Hiccup scolds the little dragon, and Toothless lies about not having boar. Hiccup is able to quickly counterract Toothless' lie due to the scent.

How to Train Your Dragon (Franchise)

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

In episode one, How to Start a Dragon Academy, Hiccup and his friends scare a herd of wild boars into one of the village barns.

In episode four, The Terrible Twos, a wild boar charges at two Typhoomerang babies, and ended up getting scorched to death by the mother.

In episode seven, How to Pick Your Dragon, Stoick and Thornado fought two waves of blood thirsty wild boars to protect an injured Thunderdrum. Stoick also used Toothless once to herd wild boars into a barn. There is also specific boar Named Björn Boar, that Ruffnut and Tuffnut seem to know. They once rescued Björn from a pack of Changewings when the twins had a conversation: Tuff: "Hey, don't we know that boar?" Ruff:"Yes." Tuff: "You leave Björn alone!" "You're on your own, Björn!" They finally got the Changewings' attention, and the Changewings actually leave him and start to attack the dragon riders.

In episode four of Dragons: Race to the Edge, When Darkness Falls, Hiccup and Snotlout are chased by wild boars when searching for a suitable island to build their base. They escape the island, but accidentally revisit it again. In addition, the twins want to build a boar pit, and Fishlegs mentions, "Well, we do know where to get boars," referring back to the island.

How to Train Your Dragon (game)

In the game the player can catch wild boar in the "wild zone" and can feed it to their dragons. Wild boar can be put into recipes.


Hunter: These wild boars will hunt in pack to prey on vulnerable dragons that are hurt badly enough to not be able to defend themselves well enough as proven to be true against wounded Thunderdrum or hunt baby dragons such as Typhoomerang.

Senses: Wild boars are able to have strong scent of smell to track the blood on the prey.

Endurance and Stamina: Their able to take attack of Stoick the Vast hammer and attacks of Thunderdrum. Their stamina must be high enough to chase humans long distance.

Speed: Quite fast enough to catch up to the teens of the Edge.

Strength: Judging by their size they could be strong enough to handle hatchlings or wounded dragons. Like one Boar tried to attack Torch siblings.


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