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      Wild Dragon Cliff is a location on the Isle of Berk and features in How to Train Your Dragon.


As the name implies, Wild Dragon Cliff is a location where wild dragons congregate. The "sheer black cliff" is "black and sinister" and overlooks a rocky beach and the sea. During the summer, the wild dragons are very active and very noisy, while in the winter the dragons hibernate in the caves in the cliff, though their snoring can be heard from the outside.

There are "four caves about halfway up the cliff, grouped roughly in the shape of a skull". One of those cave entrances leads to the Dragon Nursery.


How to Train Your Dragon

All of the Viking novices in Gobber the Belch's Dragon Initiation Program have to travel to Wild Dragon Cliff to find a hunting dragon for themselves in the Dragon Nursery, which is located at the Cliff.

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