Willie is a Sheep belonging to Gobber the Belch's ancestor, Bork the Bold.


Decimation of His Fellows

Willie only appears in the Movie Short, Book of Dragons, and is the last Sheep of Bork the Bold's flock, the rest of which are eaten by Gronckles.

Discovery of an Elusive Dragon

Willie ventured into a cave for an unknown reason. Bork the Bold followed to retrieve him, but came across a Hideous Zippleback Dragon instead. As Willie hid behind a boulder, Bork fought the dragon, only to get fried - again.


Willie is rather shy and cowardly, as a sheep ought to be. Ever mindful of the dangers around him, he hides at any hint of danger, and this has kept him alive, while his sheep flock was eaten or Bork gets toasted by Dragons. However, we see he has a bit of a curious streak, as he wanders into a Zippleback den.


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