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The Windwalker is a large Tidal Class dragon that first appeared in School of Dragons.

Official Description

Windwalkers howl into battle with gale force winds.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
While some dragons can be as bold and courageous as a Deadly Nadder, others tend to be more attuned to the gentler and cautious side — but that doesn't mean these kinds of dragons aren't daring and tenacious in their own way! Even the WINDWALKER will have you know that it's not afraid to step up to the plate when the time calls for it, especially if it means protecting their own young from grave danger. This was definitely something Heather learned after being challenged to a seemingly innocuous race.
It was on her way back to Dragon's Edge with Windshear, when what Heather hoped to be a peaceful return trip quickly changed, as she and Windshear found themselves challenged by this seemingly playful Tidal Class dragon. Enticed by the desire to experience the thrilling adventure of a race between two nimble creatures, Heather chose to accept the challenge and let the two dragons tango through the air — right up until she realized that the dragon was actually leading them to a different island altogether!
Quickly returning to a more guarded approach, she and Windshear fell back to watch where this dragon headed, and they soon found themselves engaged in a mission to help their new-found friend rescue its eggs before trappers came back to collect their bounty. And because of this slight change to their return trip, now all Vikings on campus have the chance to train this lithe and incredible creature of the skies!
Are you prepared to watch the magnificent transformation of the WINDWALKER unfold? Then head to campus to begin this bonding experience of a lifetime today!
  School of Dragons  

Physical Appearance


Windwalker egg

Windwalkers have smooth, oval-shaped eggs. They are reddish orange in color, with thin, lighter stripes, also some small purple dots add to the array of details on the egg.

Hatchling to Adult

The Windwalker is a four-legged, spiny dragon that has a snout like a gharial. This dragon has a long thin neck, and a horn on top of its snout. Several spine-like flaps run down its body. This dragon is pink with a yellow under belly.


Water Blasts

The Windwalker is shown in School of Dragons to be able to produce blasts of water, thus being placed in the Tidal Class.

Behavior and Personality

This dragon is kind and gentle, yet brave, a dragon that will stop at nothing to protect its vulnerable young. It is said that they like spending more time in the air than on the ground. It is also said to be tenacious and daring.



School of Dragons

Originally from the original Book series, the Windwalker was introduced in School of Dragons.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

This game released a Windwalker individual named Skykarver, but has yet to release a species representative.


  • The coloring and pattern of the Windwalker's egg is nearly identical to that of Muddlehunt, a Gobsucker individual.
  • The Windwalker is the third franchise dragon to have "wind" in its name. The other two being the Windstriker and Windgnasher.
  • The Windwalker is the third book dragon to appear in School of Dragons, with the first being the Prickleboggle, the second being the Devilish Dervish and the fourth being the Silver Phantom.
  • The Windwalker is the fifth dragon in Dragons: Rise of Berk to have an individual (Skykarver) appear in-game before the species itself did, with the first being the Catastrophic Quaken (Spikeback), the second being the Gobsucker (Muddlehunt), the third being the Triple Stryke (Sleuther), the fourth being the Eruptodon (Magmadon), the sixth being the Grim Gnasher (Gnasteeze), and the seventh being the Slitherwing (Toksin).
  • The Windwalker is a more book accurate than most dragons that were adapted from the books. It seems to be based on the one on the cover of How to Steal a Dragon's Sword (Book 9).
    • The Windwalker has the same crocodile-like snout and spine placement and can also shoot lightning.
    • However, there are no feathers and fur on the School of Dragons Windwalker, unlike the book counter part. The absence of fur and feather, however, allows this rendition to stay in line for Franchise cannon, as no Franchise species have fur or feathers.



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