"For generations, the Wingmaidens and the Razorwhips have lived in perfect harmony."

The Wingmaidens are a tribe of women who care for hatchling Razorwhips in place of the dragon mothers in prevention of male dragons killing them. They make their first appearance in Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5.


Atali: "Heather, were you aware that nearly a thousand years ago, the Razorwhip almost became extinct?"
Heather: "No, I had no idea."
Atali: "It's true. And it was then that our Wingmaiden tribe was charged with a divine mission. A mission given to us by Freya herself, and one we fulfill with great honor to this day."
―Atali explains the Wingmaidens' mission to protect the Razorwhips[src]
It is said that about a thousand years before the events of "Snotlout's Angels", Razorwhips nearly went extinct because male Razorwhips continually killed the offspring of rival dragons. So the Wingmaidens, at the request of Freya, vowed to help the species out, offering to care for the hatchlings and help defend them from any male presence. As the dragons are born blind, the women train them by having them fly on their backs until they can see and can care for themselves. It's revealed that Windshear was once one of the Razorwhips they had cared for before Heather found her.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

"Snotlout's Angels"

When Snotlout falls from Hookfang during a storm and falls into the sea, he is rescued by some mysterious winged women and brought back to their island to recover. When he wakes up, finding himself surrounded by beautiful women, he thinks he's died and gone to Valhalla. Their leader, Atali, insists otherwise, and is greatly disturbed by his disrespectful attitude toward women. To force him to show respect, she and the other maidens suggest he's going to be main ingredient in their "Sacred Stew", and then tie him up.

Meanwhile, Astrid, Ruffnut, and Heather are flying toward Wingmaiden Island on Windshear, since Heather could sense something familiar that the inhabitants and her dragon share, and are met by Atali and two of her escorts. Atali invites them to rest up and eat before heading on their way. So the three Riders follow them.

Once on the island, Ruff and Heather play some boar wrestling with some of the natives while Astrid finds Snotlout and frees him. Atali then shares with the girls the reason for their tribe's existence, and how female Razorwhips will attack any male they sense near their babies, no matter the species of the males. They panic at the discovery that Snotlout was now free and running through Razorwhip nesting grounds, and both the Riders and the Wingmaidens head out to rescue him again.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6


  • It's suggested that Snotlout mistook the Wingmaidens to be Valkyries; beautiful female demi-gods who escort warriors to Odin once they arrive in Valhalla after death.
  • The maidens wear metal armor-like clothing that is a bit like Heather's Race to the Edge clothing and Razorwhip scales. This is possibly done to help the young Razorwhips in feeling comfortable with their presence.


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