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      The Winter Wind of Woden is an air current that blows in the Barbaric Archipelago. It plays an important role in How to Betray a Dragon's Hero. It is a cold wind that is very strong and dangerous. The Winter Wind of Woden is known to cause violent storms at sea, which are able to destroy and sink ships.


The wind blows from the north, from the vicinity of the Frozen Isle of Nowhere, and stretches to the southwest, passing the Visithug Territory, Grimbeard's Despair, and reaching up to the Wrecker's Bay.


In the novel How to Betray a Dragon's Hero, while fleeing from an army of Alvinsmen on a stolen ship, Hiccup tried at all costs to avoid the storm caused by the wind. After the distraction caused by Snotlout, the wind reached the ship and destroyed it, sending Hiccup into the sea. The unconscious Hiccup drifted through the water until he reached Hero's End.



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