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Wolves are a significant wild animal to historical Vikings, but are only mentioned and not seen in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.

A wolf was mentioned in the Race To The Edge episode Bad Moon Rising, who Tuffnut gets bitten by and believes he was bitten by a Lycanwing. Even though Snotlout manages to capture the wolf, the wolf was never seen in the episode.


Wolves (Canis lupis) are wild canines - quadrupedal mammals. They are carnivores and hunt in socially complex packs, working together to take down prey much larger than themselves. A mated pair stay together for life, and produce 5-6 pups once a year. Wolves were much more widespread across the world, but competition and hunting by humans has reduced their range and numbers.

Norse Mythology

Wolves appear in Norse Mythology, especially in the form of monstrous Wolf-Gods. The most famous of these is Fenrir. Fenrir is the offspring of the God Loki. He is also foretold to kill the God Odin during Ragnarok (the end times). Because of this prophesy, the Gods tied him up. Fenrir bit off the hand of the God Tyr while tying him down.

The God Odin is said to have had two wolf companions for hunting named Geri and Freki.

Skoll and Hati are the wolf-sons of Fenrir, and are in part responsible to the progression of night and day. Skoll chases the Sun Goddess, Sol, across the heavens trying to eat her, while Hati chases Mani, the Moon God. During Ragnarok, both wolves are predicted to finally catch their prey and eat the Sun and Moon.


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Wolf hunting behavior is compared to Changewings in the episode, "Live and Let Fly".

"Hiccup: "Changewings hunt like wolves. One dragon lures a single boar from the herd."
Fishlegs: "While the other Changewings surround it.
―In "Live and Let Fly"

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

In the episode, "Bad Moon Rising", Tuffnut gets bitten by an unknown animal. Bite comparisons from dragons show it is not from any known dragon. However, Gobber knows of a tale about the mythical Lycanwing dragon, whose bite will turn the bitten into a dragon, and was once human itself. Spurred by the story, Tuffnut imagines himself metamorphosing into a dragon. Later, Snotlout discovers the actual culprit of the bite - a wolf. The wolf itself is never seen, as Snotlout captures it in a bag.


How to Train Your Dragon (game)

There is a minor character appearing primarily in this game named Wolflegs

Other Mentions


The development of Toothless (and by extension, Night Furies) has involved inspiration from many animal species. According to Dreamworks' Youtube Video Series, "The DreamWorks Download", Toothless' "eyes were based on a cross between a wolf and a cat's eye."



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