"You Cannot Eat Chicken" is a song performed by the twins when they tried to stop Garf from eating Chicken, in the episode "Tone Death".


Tuffnut: No, Garf, no! You must not hurt Chicken! For Chicken is a friend, [who] will see you to the end!

Ruffnut: No, Garf, no! You cannot eat Tuff's chicken! Eating that bird's heart will tear Tuffnut's apart.

Tuffnut: Why must you eat my pet? Its the only one I'll get! Then all I'll do is fret, because we only just met! Something else that rhymes with met!

Ruffnut: But, how long, how long? How long can we keep this keep this up? Can we keep this up? Keep this up?

[Chicken crows]

Tuffnut: (A few minutes later) I'm sick of rhyming with "met." (Starts saying incoherent gibberish with words like let in it.)