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Ziggerastica is a small Nanodragon who believes himself to be a god. He is the king of the Nanodragons and is small in size, but powerful with his army of Nanodragons. Ziggerastica is an Emperor Beetleboog Bolderbug.

How to Speak Dragonese

Ziggerastica was rescued by Hiccup from being eaten by the Fat Consul. In return, he and several others of his kind helped Hiccup trick the Romans into believing he was the god Thor.

How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Ziggerastica appears again on the Island of Tomorrow and helps Hiccup become King of the Wilderwest by having his subjects elevate Hiccup into the air, thus making all the Vikings gathered in Grimbeard's ruined castle believe Hiccup to have been chosen by the gods to be King. Ziggerastica states that he's revolting against Furious's Revolution. Ziggerastica does this because he believes that due to his size, Furious believes he can tell him what to do.